Past Major Projects Done By NNC

Here is a brief listing of some past projects that NNC has handled the design and certification for.  Most software certification programs have been omitted at the client 's request. NNC maintains strict program confidentiality in accordance with client requests & contractual agreements.

RTC For A Highly Modified Grumman Albatross

Designated an HU-16RD


Cabin Entertainment System For A Grumman Mallard


Fuel Quantity System Installation Design


Avionics Suite For  Bell 222-UT Helicopters


Equipment & Cockpit Commonality Upgrades For  Fleet Wide Company Medi-Evac Helicopters


Software DER Services For  Mid Sized Biz Jet


Software DER Services For Multiple VLJ Engine FADECs


Software DER Services For  Long Range Biz Jet


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