DER Services

NNC's experience dealing with the FAA will help ensure a smooth and orderly approval process with the FAA. Typical services NNC has provided to past clients include:

Certification project management & FAA ACO liaison

Preparation of the Project Certification Plan

Electrical & mechanical design substantiation approvals

DO-160C/D Environmental Test witnessing & approvals

DO-178B Software development & approvals (Levels A, B, C, & D)

Design substantiation test witnessing & approvals

Flight test witnessing & approvals

SAE ARP 4761 System Safety Assessment approvals

Proposed TIA content

Typical Software DER Services Provided By NNC


DO-178B Compliance Reviews and DER approvals as delegated by the FAA for the following representative documentation list: 

   Plan for Software Aspects of Certification

   S/W Development Plan

   S/W Requirements Standards

   S/W Design Standards

   S/W Code Standards

   S/W Requirements Data

   S/W Design Description

   S/W Verification Plan

   S/W Verification Test Cases & Procedures

   S/W Verification Results

   SCM Plan

   SQA Plan

   SQA Records

   S/W Configuration Index

   Software Accomplishment Summary


Additional activities include:

  Onsite audits and test witnessing

  FAA / ACO Liaison regarding the project software

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